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Rock Valley College Archives

A guide to items located in the Rock Valley College archives

Archival Collections

Archives can hold both published and unpublished materials, and those materials can be in any format. Some examples are manuscripts, letters, photographs, moving image and sound materials, artwork, books, diaries, artifacts, and the digital equivalents of all of these things.

Among other things, the following resources are all collected by the RVC Archives:

  • Academic division documents
  • Accreditations reports
  • Administrative division documents
  • Annual reports
  • Athletics Memorabilia
  • Architectural Materials
  • Art work
  • Awards
  • Board of Trustees policies & minutes
  • Budgets
  • Ceremonies and Functions
  • Class schedules
  • College calendars
  • College catalogs
  • College committee reports
  • College Newspapers
  • Departmental Materials
  • Directories
  • Enrollment reports
  • Faculty publications
  • Histories of the college
  • Photographs
  • Planning documents
  • Posters
  • Pre-Organizational Materials
  • Press releases
  • Salary Schedules
  • Statistical studies
  • Student organizations
  • Yearbooks

RVC Archives Collection Scope

The Rock Valley College Archives collects a wide range of material in order to make the history of RVC accessible to both researchers and the public. The collection focuses on materials dating back to the college’s inception in 1964 to the present, and makes accessible sound recordings, visual recordings, photographs, scholarly writings, manuscripts, ephemera, newspaper clippings, and oral histories related to RVC’s robust history.

Due to space constraints, the Rock Valley College Archives does not collect or display larger physical items with some minor exceptions. Donations may be considered, and would need to be appraised by the on-site archivist for quality, research value, and relevancy. All donors should complete a donation form for each item.

Archival Donations

Only materials related to the history of Rock Valley College will be considered. Generally, duplicates will not be accepted. Larger items such as musical instruments may not be considered. The library collects documents throughout the year and screens its collections for addition to the archives. Monetary value is not assigned to collection materials. If a donation is accepted, the materials might not be appropriate for our collection and may either be returned to the person of origin or sent a better owner for the material within the college. Please provide a completed copy of the RVC Archives Donation Form with any donation.

Donations and questions about donations can be directed to Lukas Wenner (815-921-4603)