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Searching Databases Using Subject Headings

Library Research


  • arrange subject terms in the correct hierarchical order
  • browse subject headings and paste a subject term into a search box
  • determine whether a specific subject term is useful for your research
  • be aware of database enhancements that improve discovery, such as "find equivalent subject terms"

Assessment of concepts covered in Subject Terms Searching Lecture

1. If a subject term is used in a search rather than a keyword, the results returned will be

a. more broad b. less broad

2. In a hierarchy of subject terms, the broadest term is listed above other terms

a. true b. false

3. When a search term is entered into a database and a search performed, the database chooses items at random to include in the results list

a. true b. false

4. Which of the two terms below has a broader meaning?

a. fresh water resources b. streams


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