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Searching Databases Using Subject Headings

Library Research

Searches with subject terms

Use the subject term to retrieve articles

1. To add subject terms to the search field, you can mark one or more terms and click the ADD button.

(Figure 3 - Subject terms browse feature.)

(Figure 4 - Marked subject term is pasted into the search box.)

2. By marking the term and clicking the ADD button, the term Aquatic resources conservation is pasted into the search field.

3. With aquatic resources conservation now in the search box, click on SU Subject Terms in the drop down menu in order to narrow the focus of your search. 


(Figure 5 Aquatic Resources Conservation subject term.)

4. A search by subject of Aquatic Resources Conservation brought back 252 full text items. 

(Figure 6 Search results for Aquatic Resources Conservation subject term.)

5. Notice that the detailed record contains aquatic resources conservation as a subject term.

(Figure 7 Item record with Subject of Aquatic Resources Conservation.)


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