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Fitness Wellness and Sport

Guides that contain resources for further study and research in Fitness, Wellness and Sport.

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Fitness, Wellness & Sport Research Guide

Fitness, Wellness & Sport imparts the values, experiences, and skills necessary for students' future leadership roles as scholars engaged in lifelong learning and as professionals serving their communities through the promotion of healthy behavior and lifestyles.

Library of Congress Classification System

  • GV1- 200
  • GV201-555
  • GV557-1198
  • QM1-691
  • QP1-981
  • RA771-788
  • RC1200-1245
  • RM725-727
  • Recreation, Outdoor Life
  • Physical Education and Training
  • Sports, Coaching
  • Human Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Health, Hygiene, Fitness
  • Sports Medicine
  • Exercise Therapy

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